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Janitorial Cleaning Services

At Towers Cleaning , we strive to provide quality janitorial service and commit to unwavering attention to detail. Our team is prepared and certified to handle your specific cleaning needs; from office buildings, medical facilities, to educational institutions and gyms. We make sure that your facility is clean and maintains a fresh and healthy Eco-friendly environment, day after day, all year long. If your company feels like it’s not getting the attention to detail or the best cleaning rates in Santa Barbara County, give us a call and let us prepare a detailed cleaning services proposal for you. Whether you require a daily detailed cleaning service or just weekend dusting, mopping and vacuuming, Towers Cleaning will make sure its done right and at the best price possible.

Medical Offices

Medical offices need to have a clean appearance and be free of germs and debris. For doctor’s and dental offices, medical professional buildings and medical educational buildings, you can count on Towers Cleaning to deliver a specialized janitorial cleaning service so that your patients are comfortable and confident about their care. Cleanliness is not optional in the medical field; it is vital.

 Our team is fully experienced and understand there in’s and out’s of Medical cleaning Your patience and health care professional deserve to be protected from the illnesses and injuries that could potentially occurs in these areas. Towers Cleaning takes enormous pride in making sure your medical practice, clinic, or hospital is consistently in pristine condition.


Schools are a necessity for the development of children both academically and socially as well as daycare facilities have become a necessity for the working parent. Unfortunately, having so many people in one place heightens the possibilities of harmful germs and viruses being spread. However, Towers Cleaning janitorial services provides experienced janitors that use environmentally friendly products and are well versed in removing gum, graffiti, marker, salt stains and boot marks. Our janitorial staff are bonded, insured, never subcontracted and closely supervised to ensure a job well done every time.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness centers, in particular, are facilities that require an intense focus on cleanliness. Our janitorial services cleaners will take extra care to disinfect all high-touch areas including, training equipment, locker rooms, showers, and changing areas. At Towers Cleaning, we understand how important image can be in the highly competitive fitness industry. We can customize a program to fit your unique needs as well as your budget so we can help improve the cleanliness of your business with a low cost.

Cleaners You Can Trust

Working as a successful cleaning service, our cleaners are experienced and properly trained to clean each cleaning with precision and speed to give your facility that perfect clean feel.
Whether you manage a office facility, a gym, or a school, our team will give it a comprehensive cleaning that will bring every area of the facility up to high standards, in order to ensure that your facility is perfectly clean and ready .

Window Cleaning

If you’re like most homeowners, window cleaning is not at the top of your to-do list. We understand because window cleaning can be tedious and even dangerous. Let our friendly, professional team do the hard work for you so we can help make your windows look brand new.

We can clean all of the windows in your home – even those hard to reach ones in your foyer. From multi-story mansions to smaller homes, we have the experience, specialized window cleaning equipment and know-how to make your windows sparkle and shine!

At Towers Cleaning, we are committed to providing the up most quality with our window cleaning service you can trust. Our highly trained, professionals will treat your home with extreme care.

Carpet Cleaning

The result of neglecting carpet cleaning for your carpet can be hazardous to your health. Dust mites, mold and other bacteria are often the cause of various respiratory illnesses and inflammatory rashes. Some carpet adhesives found usually in newly purchased carpets release formaldehyde which can cause stomach irritation and a rash.

But the more severe health problems are the respiratory ones. Dust is a main trigger of asthma attacks in children. While some children are not as vulnerable as others, most if not all use the carpet as their playground and are therefore highly exposed to asthma stimulates while crawling and laying on carpets.

Using Towers Cleaning is the best way to insure the health of your carpet and family

Consistent Reliability

If you aren’t satisfied we will re-clean whatever it is that you aren’t happy with, just contact us within 48-hours after your cleaning and we will come out within 1-2 days to do the re-clean.

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